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The following are the precautions and considerations being taken during the pandemic:

  • Masks being worn at time of meeting

  • Equipment sanitized before and after lessons

  • Hand sanitizer used before and after lessons

For more information on pools and the CDC recommendations, click here


In the case of inclement weather, lessons will be made up within the week or the following week. Clients will receive a text or phone call addressing the weather concern with options to make up the missed lesson.


Refunds are considered on the case-by-case basis, but generally, lessons are non-refundable. 

Make-Up Lessons & Cancellations

Your lessons package comes with one "make-up lesson guarantee", meaning that in the case that the lesson is postponed for any reason, the client will be schedule for a make-up lesson for that week or the following week. Any missed lessons after the 1-lesson make-up guarantee will be considered when time is available but will remain on the client's "tab" for as long as they are a client.

Travel Fee

A travel fee is applied for any lessons more than 30 miles. See fee table below:

  • +5 miles: $5.00

  • +10 miles: $10.00

  • +15 miles: $15.00

  • +20 miles: $20.00

Renewing Lessons

Lessons for current clients are renewable 1 week prior to the renew-by date. Discounts are offered if paid up to 3 days within the start of the next 4/8 week session.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What should I do to be prepared for the first lesson?

  • Goggles are recommended - they can be found at Walmart in the sporting goods section.

  • The first lesson is the assessment lesson and may run a few minutes shorter than normal. All of the other lessons will run the requested time.

  • Relax and have fun, with few interruptions/distraction. It's important for the kiddo(s) to get acquainted with me to help to establish trust while in the water. For the exception of "Parent-Tot" lessons, parents' involvement is very limited over the course of the lesson (with a little bit of welcomed encouragement here and there).

Q: Weather - what temperature is considered to be too cold to conduct lessons?

Lessons are postponed due to weather if the outside temperature is 70 degrees or below. Clients will be texted or called to be informed of the weather-related postponement of their lesson and will be given options to make up the lesson at another time.

It depends on the client's comfortability in the water and their ability to process and implement the coaching/instruction given to them. Each person learns at their own rate. Babies/toddlers, however, may not be ready for one-on-one instruction until the age of 4/5.

Lessons are assessed every 4 weeks to provide an update on the client's progress. From there, direction will be given on what the next session's goals will be.

Q: How long will it take me/my child to learn to swim or reach a swim goal?

Q: What happens in the case of inclement weather?

Weather is closely monitored daily - especially when storms are expected in the forecast. In such event, the instructor will reach out to the client 2-4 hours prior to the lesson to provide an update on if the lesson will go on as planned. Otherwise, a make-up day and time will be suggested to the client so that the lesson isn't entirely missed.

Rule of thumb: if thunder is heard, lightning isn't too far behind. Lessons will be canceled if thunder and lightning occurs within a ear-range/eyesight of the location.

Lessons are also postponed after the storm to ensure the pool has enough time to return to normal if heavy rain and debris impact the pool.

Lessons are cancelled if the weather is 70 degrees or below to prevent hypothermia (youth 8 years and younger).

For questions, e-mail phigh01@gmail.com
 Tel: 410.929.2014

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